Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment 2024 Apply with Grade 12

Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment 2024 Apply with Grade 12

Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment 2024 Apply with Grade 12. Emirates, a global aviation leader, is currently seeking qualified individuals to join its Cabin Crew for the year 2024. Aspiring candidates are invited to apply for this exciting career opportunity.

Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment 2024 Apply with Grade 12

Emirates is looking for candidates with a charismatic personality, exceptional adaptability, and the ability to put passengers at ease. As a member of the Cabin Crew, you will play a vital role as the face of Emirates, guiding and assisting customers during their flight.

This requires friendliness, attentiveness, and the ability to offer the necessary support. Beyond providing service, safety is our top priority. You will be responsible for leading and overseeing aircraft services, security measures, and safety procedures, all of which are mastered through world-class training at our state-of-the-art facility in Dubai.

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About Emirates

Emirates stands as one of the world’s foremost airlines, offering a comprehensive Emirates Airlines seat map designed for the convenience of long-haul travelers. Founded in 1984, Emirates has established itself as a vital global connection through its hub in Dubai, serving 152 destinations and having transported over 19 million passengers to date. As a company owned by Dubai’s royal family, Emirates enjoys access to an abundant supply of oil, contributing to its success.

Qualifications and Experience

To be considered for the Cabin Crew role at Emirates, the following qualifications and experiences are required:

  1. More than One Year of Hospitality/Customer Service Experience: Candidates with a background in hospitality or customer service are preferred.
  2. Positive Attitude and Team-Oriented: A positive attitude, combined with the ability to provide excellent service in a diverse team environment, is essential.
  3. Minimum High School Graduation (Grade 12): Applicants should hold at least a high school diploma.
  4. Fluency in English: Proficiency in written and spoken English is mandatory, and knowledge of additional languages is advantageous.
  5. Height Requirements: Candidates should be at least 160cm tall and able to reach 212cm on tiptoes, ensuring accessibility to emergency equipment on all aircraft types.
  6. No Visible Tattoos: While in Emirates Cabin Crew uniform, visible tattoos should not be present unless covered with bandages or cosmetics.
  7. Dubai-Based: Successful candidates will be based in Dubai and must meet the UAE’s employment visa requirements.

How to Apply

For more info and Applying for job,check the links below;

Application Deadline: Ongoing


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