Join the ITU Secretary-General Youth Advisory Board

Join the ITU Secretary-General Youth Advisory Board

Join the ITU Secretary-General Youth Advisory Board. Are you a young professional eager to shape the future of global connectivity?

Applications are open for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board.

Apply by January 12, 2024, to collaborate on forging the path of worldwide connectivity.

About International Telecommunication Union

ITU, the leading UN agency for information and communication technologies, is dedicated to connecting the world.

Managing international radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits, enhancing communication infrastructure, and establishing global standards are all part of ITU’s mission.

Empowering Global Connectivity

The ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board is a dynamic initiative empowering young minds to mold global connectivity’s future. This board is action-oriented, providing practical advice directly to the ITU Secretary-General.

Join the ITU Secretary-General Youth Advisory Board


  • Shaping ITU’s Vision: Offer youth perspectives on ITU’s future vision and its role in promoting accessible, innovative, and safe connectivity.
  • Bridging the Digital Divide: Provide ideas to narrow the digital gap and harness technology for societal benefit.
  • Guiding ITU Initiatives: Offer feedback on ITU’s work programs and support its initiatives among global youth.
  • Insights and Recommendations: Share insights on information and communication technologies, emerging tech, and ITU’s role in addressing existing gaps.


This board seeks 12 outstanding individuals, two from each of the six ITU regions, knowledgeable in diverse telecommunications topics – from AI to cybersecurity and beyond. Candidates must meet specific criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference document.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should:

  • Be aged between 18 to 30.
  • Showcase impactful contributions to connectivity promotion.
  • Demonstrate involvement in STEM-related research or organizations.
  • Possess knowledge of technology, international ICT policies, and regulations.
  • Show expertise in STEM fields with a focus on various tech aspects.
  • Advocate for youth, technology, and Sustainable Development Goals.

How to Apply

  • Timeline: Submit your expression of interest by January 12, 2024.
  • Selection: Members will be chosen by February 18, 2024, to join the ITU SG’s Youth Advisory Board.

ITU values diversity and inclusion, welcoming candidates of all backgrounds to apply and contribute to this initiative.

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