Engal Thamizha Kural NPC Bursaries 2024

Engal Thamizha Kural NPC Bursaries 2024 Open for South African Students

Engal Thamizha Kural NPC Bursaries 2024. Engal Thamizha Kural NPC invites South African students to apply for educational funding through the Engal Thamizha Kural NPC Bursaries 2024.

  • Application deadline: December 31, 2023

About Engal Thamizha Kural NPC

Engal Thamizha Kural NPC was initiated by volunteers within the Tamil community residing in the Republic of South Africa.

This organization unites people of historical Tamil descent, emphasizing their shared heritage and ancestry, regardless of their spoken language or religious affiliation.

The name “Engal Thamizha Kural” translates to “Our Tamil Voice,” symbolizing the mission to represent rational-thinking individuals of South Indian descent, identifying with the broader Tamil historical heritage within South Africa.

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The founders aim to support the socio-economic well-being of individuals with historical Tamil heritage in the country.

Engal Thamizha Kural NPC Bursaries 2024

What the Engal Thamizha NPC Bursary Covers

The Engal Thamizha Kural NPC bursary fund assists bright minds dedicated to making a positive impact through education. This support includes:

  • Registration Monthly Fees Allowance: Financial aid for registration fees.
  • Monthly Allowance: Assistance for monthly needs.
  • Transportation Allowance: Support for public transportation expenses.

How to Apply

Applications for the Engal Thamizha Kural NPC Bursary assistance fund are now open. Contact Ms. Kalay Verappan, Chairperson of the Engal Thamizha Kural Bursary Assistance Fund, at [email protected] to apply.

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