Explore 45 Job Opportunities at the Department of Employment and Labour

Explore 45 Job Opportunities at the Department of Employment and Labour

Explore 45 Job Opportunities at the Department of Employment and Labour. The Department of Employment and Labour is currently accepting applications for 45 diverse job positions.

Explore the opportunities and contribute to our mission of reducing unemployment, poverty, and inequality in South Africa.

  • Closing Date: 17 November 2023 at 16:00
  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Affirmative Action Encouraged
  • Employment Equity Targets Considered

About the Department of Employment and Labour

Discover the significant role the Department plays in enhancing economic efficiency, productivity, employment creation, labor relations, and promoting equality in the workplace.

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Available Job Vacancies

Browse through the list of current job vacancies at the Department. Find the position that aligns with your skills and aspirations.

11/17/2023 Erratum: Post: Inspector: Inspection And Enforcement Services (X2 Posts), Labour Centre: Durban Open
HR4/4/5/64 11/20/2023 Erratum: Employer Services Practitioner 2
HR4/4/7/137 11/17/2023 Messenger: Management Support Services
HR4/4/10/04 11/17/2023 Office Aid
HR 4/4/8/864 11/17/2023 Provisioning Administrative Clerk
HR 4/ 4/3/1/SACTCDOE/ UIF 11/17/2023 Senior Accounting Clerk: Trade Creditors Debit Order
HR4/4/3/1/ACEER/UIF 11/17/2023 Administration Clerk: Employer / Employee Registration
11/17/2023 Administration Clerk: Anti-Fraud And Anti-Corruption
HR4/4/5/72 11/17/2023 Registry Clerk: Finance And Office Administration
HR4/4/5/51 11/17/2023 Administrative Clerks: Management Support Services
HR4/4/5/73 11/17/2023 Client Service Officer: Registration Services
Labour Centre: -Ref No: HR4/4/5/68 Lichtenburg -Ref No: HR4/4/10/03 11/17/2023 Inspector: Inspection And Enforcement Services (X2 Posts)
HR4/4/3/1/OA/UIF 11/17/2023 Office Administrator
 Durban -Ref No: HR4/4/5/70 Kroonstad – Ref No: HR 4/4/8/863 11/17/2023 Inspection And Enforcement Services (X2 Posts)
Bethlehem-Ref No: HR 4/4/8/86 Harrismith -Ref No: HR 4/4/8/861 11/17/2023 Supervisor Registration Services (X2 Posts)
HR 4/4/4/05/02 11/17/2023 Senior Practitioner: Accounts Payable: Beneficiary Services
HR4/4/10/300 11/17/2023 OHS Inspector
HR 4/4/10/02 11/17/2023 BCEA Inspector
11/17/2023 Team Leader (X3 Posts)
HR4/4/3/1/SPAFAC/UIF 11/17/2023 Senior Practitioner: Anti-Fraud And Anti-Corruption
HR4/4/3/2/SSABR/UIF 11/17/2023 Senior State Accountant: Bank Reconciliations
HR4/4/3/2/ASDIA/UIF (X2 POSTS) 11/17/2023 Assistant Director: Internal Audit
HR4/4/3/2/ASDTC/UIF 11/17/2023 Assistant Director: Trade Creditors
HR4/4/5/69 11/17/2023 Assistant Director: Finance
HR4/4/5/57 11/17/2023 Assistant Director: Fraud Investigation & Anti-Corruption
HR4/4/6/166 11/17/2023 Assistant Director: Inspection And Enforcement Services
11/17/2023 Psychometrist / Registered Counsellor (Grade 1)
HR4/4/3/2/DDT/UIF 11/17/2023 Deputy Director: Treasury (Contract)
HR4/4/3/2/DDI/UIF 11/17/2023 Deputy Director: Investment (Contract)
HR4/4/3/2/DDAS/UIF 11/17/2023 Deputy Director: Actuarial Services (Contract)

How to Apply

Follow these steps to apply for the open positions:

  1. Download the full job advert document at the bottom of this post for detailed vacancy information, application addresses, and instructions.
  2. Use the NEW Z83 form, available for download or obtainable from any Public Service Department, for your application.
  3. Quote the relevant reference number and direct your application to the specified address in the job advert.
  4. Submit a comprehensive CV with contactable referees (telephone numbers and email addresses).
  5. Only shortlisted candidates will be required to submit certified copies of qualifications and related documents on or before the interview.

Application Guidelines

  • Fully complete, sign, and initial each application form.
  • Clearly indicate the correct job title, the office where the position is advertised, and the reference number as stated in the advert.
  • Applications on the old Z83 form will not be considered.
  • Foreign qualifications must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).


For any enquiries, refer to the contact details provided in the full job advert document.

See Advertisement

Z83 Form

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