Graduate X2: Revenue Management for Young South Africans

Graduate X2: Revenue Management for Young South Africans

Internal StakeholderRates Database Team, IT Team, Digital/Marketing Team, Private Sector and Partnership sales team, Executive: Car Rental and Operations

Graduate X2: Revenue Management for Young South Africans

1. Operational

Price Modelling

  • Identify international trends and profitability and present findings to inform business decisions.

  • In business, dynamic pricing involves building statistical pricing models to improve customer profiling.

  • Coordinate with business stakeholders to determine optimal pricing and communicate findings.

  • Implement efficient pricing structures and improve productivity for Senior Analysts and Analysts.

  • Update the International pricing model for competitive and effective pricing digressions and future rates (default and non-yielded rates)

  • Follow strategy on pricing and make recommendations on pricing decisions to the Executive: Commercial (Private Sector & Partnerships), General Manager: Partnerships, and other stakeholders.

  • Improve the pricing tool model and manage versions (document and model revision management)

  • Developing statistical models as needed

  • Make sure that the correct inbound rates are applied in the Warloc system for digressive pricing.

Projects and additional revenue opportunities.

  • Assist Senior Administrators by using automation that ensures an accurate comparison of competitors car groups to ensure their fleets have been SIPP matched correctly compared to Avis/Budget details.

  • All project details and implementation stages should be recorded.


  • Prepare a report on changes in industry pricing (competitors as well as Avis and Budget).

  • Report on progress and performance of projects, pricing models and system changes – QL2, WARLOC, Cars Cube, BI tools, statistics software, and pricing tools.

  • Reports can be provided on an ad hoc basis as requested.

  • Weekly reports should be provided to Sales.


  • Participate in monthly team meetings and daily huddles.

  • Providing insight into demand and understanding their challenges at Operations team meetings.

  • To share demand insights and understand challenges, participate in Domestic Yield Calls for pricing purposes.

2. Stakeholders (internal & external customers, suppliers, shareholders, communities)

  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with key segment managers (SA and regional countries)

  • Relationships with IT teams should be developed and maintained effectively

  • Ensure that you are aware of best practices for ABG

  • Providing technical insight and knowledge to internal customers can help them make better decisions.

Internal and External Stakeholders

In this role, close collaboration and engagement with key internal and external stakeholders are essential.

External Stakeholders
Avis Budget UK pricing team and contracted QL2 suppliers.


Academic Qualifications


  • A Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics is required.

  • The degree program includes data analytics and statistical software

  • Licence to drive


  • Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Science with honours in Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics

  • Certifications in AI/ML

Work Experience


  • Financial performance experience of 0 – 1 year.


  • Previous experience in car rental

Closing Date:22 May 2023

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