Joburg City Parks and Zoo is recruiting Animal Attendant x2 posts

Joburg City Parks and Zoo is recruiting Animal Attendant x2 posts

  • Workplace: Johannesburg Zoo

  • Salary: R13,393.47 – R18,080.32 Cost to Company per month

  • Reference: AA12052023

Joburg City Parks and Zoo is recruiting Animal Attendant x2 posts

Job Purpose:

Conduct behavior observations and perform duties associated with animal husbandry, such as feeding, removing waste, and maintaining enclosures.

Key Performance Areas

Animal Care:

Adhere to all animal care procedures as per the animal husbandry manual • Assist with loading/unloading animal feed from the truck and kitchen • Verify that food preparation is in accordance with the diet sheet

Assist Keepers in ensuring that the animals in the allocated section are healthy and content • Handle animals and assist in restraining/ controlling problem animals as directed by Superiors

Provide assistance in the application of animal treatments to ward off pests (e.g. flies) under the direction of a veterinarian/nurse. Provide assistance to veterinarians/nurses and other personnel in administering medications.

Maintain the temperature of the temperature-controlled enclosures while hand-rearing the new-born animals and performing night duties as needed

Provide appropriate browsing for animals as identified by the Curator/Keeper section. Ensure cages and animals are properly numbered and identified.

Maintenance of Enclosures:

Make sure that all areas of the enclosure (e.g. nightroom, blankets, food, water bowls, windows) are clean and disinfected using animal-friendly products.

Inspect and maintain all equipment and tools required for cleaning and maintenance. Make sure electric fences are in good working condition. Monitor, prevent and escalate any gaps in fences that could allow animals to escape. Ensure enclosures are clean, safe, and secure.

Animal Observation and Record Keeping:

Maintain collection management policies, processes, and procedures • Ensure daily animal censuses are conducted

Observe animals daily for abnormal behavior or incidents, signs of illness, disease, and discontent, and report them.

Provide input into the animal husbandry manual as needed for recording feeding times, food consumed, faecal observation, births and deaths, behavioural changes (including reproductive behavior), and enclosure temperature.

Enrichment of Animal Lives:

Provide enrichment for the animals within the allocated section as per international standards

Provide sensory enrichment through the construction of enrichment structures, platforms, and jungle gyms.

Animal Awareness, Conservation and Protected Areas:

Participate in Peer education/ Zoo environmental education programmes, including conferences of specific categories related to Johannesburg Zoo animals

• Assist with capturing of game and escaped animals, tagging and herding of animals and transportation of animals as part of research and conservation projects.

Regulatory Compliance:

Comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding animal welfare, transporting and relocating animals. Work within the guidelines of WAZA and PAAZA.

Optimises individual and team performance:

Manages own performance levels and attends training. Has regular one-on-one meetings with supervisor to discuss progress.

SHEQ, Security Monitoring and Risk:

Develop and review JCPZ safety, health, environmental, and security policies and procedures. Implement identified risk mitigation measures.

Minimum Job Requirements:

Grade 12 or equivalent (NQF level 4) • Course on Animal Care, Management, or related field • At least 1 – 2 years of experience in animal care or related zoo experience.


Animal husbandry and enrichment knowledge • Physical fitness • Problem solving skills. Communication skills

The following skills are required: Record Keeping; SHEQ Standards; JCPZ policy and procedure framework; Alignment with JCPZ values; Results based; Interpersonal Skills; Teamwork Resilience.

ENQUIRIES: Abongwe Mini Tel: 011 712 6601


Send your CV to: [email protected]. Please include the reference number in the subject line. Failure to follow these instructions will result in your application being disqualified.

Closing Date: 02 June 2023

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