Online Independent Contractors Opportunity at the University of South Africa

Online Independent Contractors Opportunity at the University of South Africa

CSET-Signature Module EUP1501-Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions. We are seeking independent contract Teaching Assistants (TAs) for the Computer Science Department, EUP section.

Online Independent Contractors Opportunity at the University of South Africa


Teaching Assistant (TAs) will have the following duties:

  • Prepare for the course by familiarizing yourself with its content online

  • Find out what the pedagogical approach is that will be used to teach the course online

  • MyUnisa learning platform: familiarize yourself with it online

  • Keep track of students’ online learning

  • Online discussion of subject-related topics with students

  • Online assignments are marked (graded) by students

  • Providing feedback on students’ online assignments

  • Ensure student queries are answered online

  • Support students online

  • Train as a teaching assistant online

  • Engage with the lecturer frequently online

  • Provide administrative support to Teaching Assistants

  • Deliver tutorials online.

  • Support students academically and technically online.

  • Managing students’ online learning experiences.

  • Interact with peers online to facilitate student interaction.

  • Skills:

  • Having the ability to meet strict deadlines

  • Accuracy is a must

  • The ability to think creatively, take initiative, and be versatile

  • A good understanding of verbal communication

  • A good judgement is necessary

  • Developing analytical skills

  • High levels of motivation


To be considered as a Teaching Assistant (TAs), you must meet the following: – Minimum requirements:

  • Unisa fixed-term or permanent staff members are not eligible for this position.
  • Continual Internet access at own expense.

  • Graduate of UNISA’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology with a master’s degree (NQF 9)

  • Computer software packages needed for teaching, such as Internet browsers and word processors.

  • No training will be provided on how to use software packages, websites, or email.

  • Student communication will be primarily text-based by email and discussion forums.

  • Passionate about student-centered learning, and committed to meeting deadlines. Friendly, patient, and sensitive to diversity.

  • Applicants who are currently appointed as Teaching Assistants (TA) should not apply.


  • It will be preferred to have a PhD (NQF 10) with qualifications from the UNISA College of Science Engineering and Technology.

As an Independent Contractor you will:

  • Unisa employees are not considered to be employees.

    • In terms of Unisa’s conditions of employment, you will not be entitled to any benefits such as medical, office space, equipment, or sick leave.

  • The equipment you need for your office, including a computer and internet access, should be provided by you.

    • Be not based on Unisa’s campus.

To apply, you need copy of the following: (3 Months certified copies)

  • Comprehensive curriculum vitae.
  • Qualifications.

  • Academic transcript / record.

  • Identity document/passport.

  • SAQA verification of foreign qualification.

Please submit the required documents in a single PDF file (not a ZIP file).

Closing Date:26 May 2023

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