x3 Tactical Analysis Investigation Vacancies at SARS

x3 Tactical Analysis Investigation Vacancies at SARS

Interested in a challenging career within the investigation’s environment? We need motivated, self-starters with an enquiring mind.

x3 Tactical Analysis Investigation Vacancies at SARS

About the Position

As an investigator, with extensive experience within tax fraud detection and prevention environment, he/she should be able to work within a high-performance team or independently without supervision, planning, coordinating and conducting financial investigations, as well as liaising with relevant individuals and structures within and outside of SARS. In addition to being an inspiring leader, he/she should be able to build and work with exemplary teams, continuously push the envelope, and have a burning desire to change the world for the better. When executed effectively, this role will enable SARS to detect taxpayers and traders who do not comply, resulting in costly and difficult penalties for non-compliance.

Job Purpose

The main purpose of this role is to conduct complex investigations to identify and prevent illicit financial activities to neutralize tax and customs offences. Working closely with internal and external stakeholders and partners, the purpose of this role is to detect and neutralize activities by non-compliant taxpayers and traders toward SARS in relation to all tax types.

Education and Experience

Minimum Qualification & Experience Required

In addition to a Bachelor’s degree / Advanced Diploma (NQF 7) in Forensic Investigations, Policing, Fraud Investigations, Taxation, Auditing, or related formal studies, 5-7 years of relevant experience in Criminal and Illicit Trade Forensic Investigation, of which 2-3 years should be spent at functional specialist level.


Senior Certificate (NQF 4) AND 10 years’ experience in an Investigator Role

Job Outputs:


  • In accordance with the SARS Acts, provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies as needed.

  • Ensure that investigators understand the relationships between individuals, activities, premises, etc. by preparing accurate links and or association diagrams.

  • Provide timely and accurate intelligence to internal stakeholders through the evaluation, collation, and analysis of information received from a variety of sources.

  • Provide information/evidence to Law Enforcement agencies and to third parties in relation to specific investigations.

  • Implement the necessary steps to conduct full-scale investigations without supervision.

  • Manage all cases independently and supervise others.

  • To enable registration and processing of the case, hand over a completed case docket with evidence to SAPS.

  • Assists with court proceedings as needed and appears as a specialist witness in court.

  • Ascertain the nature of the offence and recommend appropriate punitive actions in accordance with the law.

  • Assess the product process for opportunities and risks through specialist input.

  • Analyze operational and process opportunities for the optimization of products and risks to provide specialist input.

  • Implement policies, practices, standards, procedures, and legislation correctly.

  • Act authoritatively on methods, systems, and procedures to identify potential risks and trends.

  • Interpretation and judgment of work outputs and queries in the area of specialization.

  • Solve emerging problems based on own knowledge and experience.

  • Change processes and procedures, implement the changes, and provide guidance and support for new requirements.

  • Enhance processes, initiatives, and services to deliver on operational strategy.

  • Analyze work progress to determine improvements and provide input to reporting, decision-making, and decision-making.

Closing Date : 09 May 2023

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