AEL SA 2024 Bursary Opportunities

AEL SA 2024 Bursary Opportunities

AEL SA 2024 Bursary Opportunities. The Academy for Environmental Leadership (AEL) SA is extending an invitation for applications for the 2024 partial Bursaries.

About AEL

At AEL, we provide parents with the assurance that their child is undergoing the necessary guidance for optimal growth and personal development.

Our year-long NQF-level 5 National Higher Certificate in Conservation Ecology program is designed to create a transformative academic year immersed in nature.

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AEL SA 2024 Bursary Opportunities

Excitingly, three partial bursaries, each valued at R60,000, are available for aspirants dedicated to academic excellence, leadership, and environmental responsibility.

Seize this opportunity by ensuring you meet the specified requirements and submit your application before the January 24, 2024 deadline.

Bursary Requirements

  • Merit Bursary: Requirements include specific Grade 12 performance criteria in Mathematics, Physical Science or Life Sciences.
  • Leadership Bursary: Fulfillment of Higher Certificate in Conservation Ecology requirements along with proof of leadership roles.
  • Environmental Social Responsibility Bursary: Meeting Higher Certificate requirements and demonstrating involvement in environmental social responsibility projects.

Tuition Fees

Annual fees encompass various student needs throughout the year, covering academics, accommodation, meals, tours, and more. The fees are structured to facilitate payments conveniently.

How to Apply

  1. Fulfill the admission requirements for the Higher Certificate in Conservation Ecology outlined by AEL.
  2. Download and complete the AEL application form available on their portal.
  3. Submit the signed application form, a certified copy of your ID, and your recent school report.
  4. Provide a compelling essay highlighting your eligibility for the bursary.
  5. Include a portfolio showcasing your achievements, leadership experiences, and commitment to environmental responsibility.

For detailed admission requirements and the application form, access the AEL portal.

This opportunity aims to support individuals passionate about environmental stewardship and academic growth.

Submit your application and take the first step toward a transformative educational journey with AEL.

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