Apply Now X92 Open Jobs At The Department Of Correctional Services

Apply Now X92 Open Jobs At The Department Of Correctional Services

A number of vacant positions are available at the Department of Correctional Services, and qualified candidates are invited to apply.Applicants are responsible for ensuring the Department receives their applications on time.


  • Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West Provinces.

The job requirements for each post as well as any other relevant information can be found in the VIEW ADVERT at the end of this article. The following jobs are available:

  • Area Coordinator: Corrections x2 Posts
  • Head Of Correctional Centre: Large x2 Posts
  • Regional Coordinator Correctional Administration
  • Deputy Director: Area Coordinator: Development and Care
  • Head Of Correctional Centre: Medium x2 Posts
  • Head Satellite Community Corrections
  • Case Management Committee: Chairperson
  • Centre Coordinator: Corrections x2 Posts
  • Centre Coordinator: Operational Support x3 Posts
  • Security Manager: Agriculture x2 Posts
  • Manager: Corrections x2 Posts
  • Controller Representations
  • Centre Coordinator: Corrections
  • Divisional Head: Human Resource Management x3 Posts
  • Re-Integration Manager
  • Centre Coordinator: Staff Support
  • Unit Manager: Parolees and Probationers x2 Posts
  • Head: Community Liaison x2 Posts
  • Divisional Head: Security x2 Posts
  • Divisional Head: Finance
  • Case Management Committee: Supervisor x4 Posts
  • Security Manager: Agriculture x2 Posts
  • Security Manager: Nutritional Services
  • Senior Correctional Policy Administrator: After Care (Social Reintegration)
  • Senior Correctional Officer: Correctional Policy Administrator: Security
  • Senior Correctional Policy Administrator: Corrections
  • Security Officer: Financial Management and Accounting
  • Security Officer: Supply Chain x4 Posts
  • Security Officer: Agriculture
  • Security Officer: Agriculture: Dairy
  • Correctional Policy Administrator: Corrections x3 Posts
  • Parole Board Clerk: Profiles & Representation
  • Medical Officer: Grade 1
  • Psychologist x2 Posts
  • Manager: Spiritual Care (Chaplain) x2 Posts
  • Construction Project Manager (Production) x2 Posts
  • Assistant Manager: Nursing (PHC)
  • Operational Manager Nursing (PHC)
  • Manager: Education & Training
  • Clinical Nurse Practitioner (PHC) x5 Posts
  • Educationist (M+4) (Formal Education) x2 Posts
  • Educationist (M+4) (Business Studies
  • Educationist (M+4) (Social Science)
  • Educationist (M+4) TVET (Engineering Studies) x2 Posts]
  • Educationist (M+4) (Agriculture
  • Educationist (M+4) TVET (Maths and Science)
  • Educationist (M+4) (English and Sepedi)
  • Social Worker
  • Human Resource Practitioner: Recruitment and Placement x3 Posts
  • Administration Officer: HR Administration (Personnel) x3 Posts
  • Network Controller x4 Posts
  • Secretary x2 Posts
  • And many other posts

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