Job Opportunities at Northern Cape Department of Health

Job Opportunities at Northern Cape Department of Health

Job Opportunities at Northern Cape Department of Health. The Northern Cape Department of Health is actively recruiting candidates for multiple job vacancies, comprising 22 positions.

This department is committed to equal opportunities and affirmative action, striving to enhance representivity across all occupational categories.

The closing date for applications is November 17, 2023.

About the Northern Cape Department of Health

The Northern Cape Department of Health, a governmental body responsible for public healthcare in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, is dedicated to fostering a modern health system that provides quality care to a growing population.

  • Vision: A modern health system delivering quality care to a growing province.
  • Mission: To offer improved healthcare, enhanced access, and better value to the people of the Northern Cape through community-wide, modern, efficient, and individually focused initiatives that maximize wellness and prevent illness.

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Available Job Vacancies

  1. Nursing Assistant (Ref No: NCDOH 26/2023) – 3 positions
  2. Emergency Care Officer (Ref No: NCDOH 25/2023) – 1 position
  3. Staff Nurse (Ref No: NCDOH 24/2023) – 1 position
  4. Emergency Care Technician (Ref No: NCDOH 23/2023) – 1 position
  5. Professional Nurse (General Nursing) (Ref No: NCDOH 22/2023) – 10 positions
  6. Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Ref No: NCDOH 21/2023) – 2 positions
  7. Operational Manager (General Nursing) (Ref No: NCDOH 20/2023) – 1 position
  8. Operational Manager (Primary Health Care) (Ref No: NCDOH 19/2023) – 1 position
  9. Pharmacist (Ref No: NCDOH 18/2023) – 1 position
  10. Pharmacy Supervisor Grade 1 (Responsible Pharmacist) (Ref No: NCDOH 17/2023) – 1 position

How to Apply

Interested candidates can submit their applications by hand at the front reception of James Exum Building or via email at [email protected].

Applications should be on the prescribed application form Z83, available for download from the provided link.

  • Applicants are not required to submit copies of qualifications initially but must include a fully completed Z83 and a comprehensive CV, detailing positions held, dates, and key responsibilities.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified to submit certified copies of qualifications and relevant documents before the interview.
  • Separate applications are necessary for candidates applying for more than one post.


For any queries, Mr. L Moemedi can be contacted at Tel No: (053) 775 1149.

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