Natasha Joubert Collective Bursary 2024 with Boston City Campus

Natasha Joubert Collective Bursary 2024 with Boston City Campus

Natasha Joubert Collective Bursary 2024 with Boston City Campus. Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert has teamed up with Boston City Campus to launch the Natasha Joubert Collective Bursary 2024, aiming to support 27 deserving candidates in their academic pursuits.

This collaborative effort resonates with Joubert’s dedication to entrepreneurship and education during her reign.

Scholarship Details

The bursary offers a chance for twelve South African learners aged 18 and above to receive full one-year academic scholarships, engaging in distance e-learning studies toward an undergraduate qualification at Boston City Campus, starting in 2024.

Natasha Joubert Collective Bursary 2024 with Boston City Campus

Natasha Joubert, through her advocacy campaign, has allocated over R1.5 million in bursaries.

The collaboration with Boston City Campus marks the first phase, providing 12 scholarships as part of the Natasha Joubert Collective.

Additionally, the Study Buddy Fund, partnered with the Miss South Africa Organisation, aims to offer opportunities to approximately 15 more students.

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Supported Fields of Study

The bursary extends beyond academic excellence, encompassing fields such as Business Management, Content Creation, Financial Planning, Marketing Practices, Paralegal Practice, and Television Production, emphasizing a diverse range of less traditional studies.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet specific requirements, including South African citizenship, age over 18, enrollment in one of the specified fields of study, and commitment to distance e-learning studies with Boston City Campus.

How To Apply

Interested candidates should follow a streamlined application process involving steps on the Boston City Campus website, completion of an application form, and submission of required documentation. The application deadline is January 15, 2024.

Contact Information

For inquiries and further details regarding the bursary, individuals can reach out directly to the Miss SA Natasha Joubert and Boston City Campus Bursary representatives:

Don’t miss this opportunity to pursue higher education and entrepreneurship with the Natasha Joubert Collective Bursary 2024.

Apply before the deadline to secure your chance for this transformative educational opportunity.

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