Robert Schuman Traineeships 2024 in the European Parliament

Robert Schuman Traineeships 2024 in the European Parliament

Robert Schuman Traineeships 2024 in the European ParliamentThe European Parliament’s Robert Schuman Programme 2024: Opportunities for Traineeships

Application Deadline: The application deadline is October 31st, 23:59 Brussels time.

Are you enthusiastic about European politics and eager to gain hands-on experience within the heart of the European Union? Discover how you can apply for these exciting traineeships through the Robert Schuman Programme in 2024.

This five-month paid opportunity offers a unique chance to work in various roles within the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS).

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Robert Schuman Traineeships 2024 in the European Parliament

The Robert Schuman Programme encompasses two distinct types of traineeships.

Schuman Traineeships in the Secretariat:

  • Locations: Available in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, and Liaison Offices in Member States.
  • Description: Gain insights into the workings of EU institutions and the European Parliament, a pivotal platform for EU-level decision-making and political discourse. Explore a wide array of fields, including EU internal and external policies, finance, law, multilingualism, administration, infrastructure, logistics, communication, and IT.

 Traineeships with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs):

  • Locations: Offered within the European Parliament premises in Brussels or Strasbourg.
  • Description: Understand the working methods of MEPs and work on diverse assignments assigned by the MEP who grants the traineeship.

Allowances and Benefits

Monthly grants and allowances vary by country. For detailed information, refer to the official website.


For Schuman Traineeships, applicants must:

  • Age 18 or over.
  • Hold nationality from an EU Member State, an accession/candidate country, or, in some cases, another country.
  • Possess a university-level diploma.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in one official EU language and very good knowledge of a second language. (For non-Member State citizens, very good knowledge of English, French, or German is required.)
  • Provide an eligible criminal record.
  • Not have worked or undertaken any other traineeship in an EU institution, body, or agency for more than two consecutive months.
  • Not have conducted a study visit at the Secretariat of the European Parliament within six months preceding the start of the traineeship.

For Traineeships with MEPs, applicants must:

  • Age 18 or over, with exceptions possible upon request.
  • Hold nationality from an EU Member State, an accession/candidate country, or, in some cases, a third country subject to visa requirements.
  • Possess the necessary educational qualifications.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of one official EU language.
  • Not be party to an employment contract or any working contractual relationship during the traineeship.
  • Not have previously completed a traineeship with a Member or worked as a parliamentary assistant to a Member, whether locally or accredited.

How to Apply:

To apply for a traineeship offer, follow a simple two-step application procedure:


  • Visit the Traineeship offers main page.
  • Select the desired offer.
  • Click “Apply online.”
  • Complete the New registration form with personal data.


  • Select the offer.
  • Login to your account.
  • Upload your CV (only Europass Format).
  • Upload a motivation letter per traineeship offer (maximum one page).

Note: You can only apply for three traineeship offers per campaign; more than three applications will result in disqualification.

Visit the official website for comprehensive application details and deadlines. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to contribute to European policymaking and immerse yourself in the EU’s dynamic environment.

Apply now and become a part of the Robert Schuman Programme at the European Parliament.

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