Sasria SOC Ltd is hiring a Quality Assurance Technician

Sasria SOC Ltd is hiring a Quality Assurance Technician

The purpose of the role is to conduct quality assurance assignments to monitor compliance with the Sasria outsourcing agreement, internal policies and procedures, and applicable laws.

Sasria SOC Ltd is hiring a Quality Assurance Technician

Assist the organization in mitigating risks and achieving its objectives by establishing proactive analytical and systematic processes for reviewing data, information, and operating systems. Be proactive with own development and provide innovative ways to efficiently complete own tasks.

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

Closing Date 2023/06/08
Reference Number SAS230524-1
Job Title Quality Assurance Technician


  • Certificate in Auditing/BTech Auditing/BCom Auditing/Accounting/Risk/Finance/National Diploma in Auditing


  • Two (2) years’ experience as an internal auditor in an insurance company that provides short-term/non-life insurance or

  • Experience in short-term/nonlife insurance quality assurance for two (2) years.

Duties and Responsibilities include but not limited to;

Quality Assurance Reviews and Projects

A) Test the accuracy and completeness of the application vs the underwritten cover by validating, testing and testing the following (but not limited to):

B) Ensure that the Policy and Coupon Administration Process is adequate and effective by:

• Checking if Sasria coupons and policies are issued correctly and completed in full. Ensure that Sasria coupons and policies are issued on time.

C) Test and correct the following requirements to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations:
• Disclosure of sections that are covered by the Sasria policy. • Cost of cover. • Inclusion of the correct and complete disclosure information. Distribution of Sasria policy information.

D) Verify the accuracy and completeness of the month-end process (premium transfer to Sasria) by checking the following steps:
Ensure the process of gathering and collating Sasria premiums (month-end reports) from different business areas and systems is adequate and effective.

E) Review of administrative compliance with Sasria regulations, including but not limited to: Claims, Finance, etc. ;
• Ensure that the agent has established a process to identify and report Sasria claims. This must be done in accordance with Sasria’s Outsourcing Agreement and Regulations.

F) Provide consultation and review feedback to Sasria support department with regards to: • Shortcomings and required improvements on Sasria Regulations. Inform management of inadequate process designs (Sasria Regulations and directives).

Administration of QA projects (Sasria Agent Companies) 

• Using the QA annual plan, identify and contact the agent company to be reviewed at least 6 weeks in advance. Arrange the project planning session with the relevant process owners.

Set up and conduct interviews with all process owners and relevant support staff members or functions to scope and develop the project plan or start of the fieldwork. Coordinate and confirm travel and administrative logistics.

Customer Relations: Internal departments or Ad-hoc QA projects 

• Determine the deliverables of the project. Scope and obtain approval of the project. Develop a project plan with a clear and documented project objective, approach, scope, and resources.

• Communicate the result of the project. Work with management to implement the agreed-upon solution.

Perform Ad-hoc Projects

Monitor Sasria’s internal functions, ad-hoc requests, and consulting projects for quality assurance.

Policy and procedure development

Contributes to the improvement of the annual and strategic audit plans. Contributes to the manager’s research and benchmarking process regarding quality assurance review approaches and procedures with the aim of improving them. • Continually review and revise the Quality Assurance Procedure Manual.

Closing Date: 2023/06/08

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