x7 SEO Engineering Graduate Trainees at Sasol South Africa

x7 SEO Engineering Graduate Trainees at Sasol South Africa

Recent graduates and currently unemployed engineers are invited to apply for one-year trainee positions at Sasol Sasolburg Operations. In addition to providing young engineering professionals with valuable work experience, these graduate trainee positions are non-permanent employment (NPE) positions in Sasolburg Operations Technical Support.

x7 SEO Engineering Graduate Trainees at Sasol South Africa

As part of the plant technical support team, engineering graduate trainees will conduct technical investigations, maintain plant design documentation, assist unit engineers in implementing small projects, and monitor and report plant operating status as part of their typical responsibilities.

Therefore, this programme provides trainee opportunities in the Technical Support team environment and should not be confused with sasol Graduate Development Programme.

Typically, engineering trainees are assigned work in the plant environment under the supervision of an experienced unit engineer, and their work assignments include:

Vacancies advertised:

  • Chemical Engineers with a graduate degree

  • The position of Graduate Reliability Engineer is available in any engineering discipline

  • Engineer in Controls/Instruments

Chemical / Process Engineering Internship typical duties:

  • Balance of mass and energy

  • For plant modifications and plant as-built status reviews, design documentation such as Equipment Data Sheets and MFD’s is reviewed and updated

  • Providing support to unit engineers in the implementation of plant modifications

  • Support plant unit engineers with process safety studies and closeouts of existing studies. Investigations and data gathering of plant incidents, calculations of emissions quantities during environmental incidents, relief valve sizing calculations, follow-up on actions to close out existing plant modifications can be included in this.

  • During plant maintenance shutdowns, operations support activities are performed,

  • Work on process safety management initiatives such as tank overfill improvement studies, winterization improvements to plant designs, and alarm management investigations.

  • Participate in studies to investigate failure incidents and support root cause analysis (RCA) activities.

Control & Instrumentation engineering duties:

  • Creating and updating documentation related to control & instrumentation (I&C)

  • The development of OsiSoft PI tools and dashboards

  • The Smart Plant Instrumentation tool (updates and new loops)

  • It is necessary to audit and approve IS calculations

  • Implementation and evaluation of documentation and rationalisation for alarm management

  • Update and create new disaster recovery and maintenance manuals (APC, DCS, ESD, PLC, etc.).

  • Implementation and assessment of cybersecurity

  • Equipment as-built

Reliability Engineering duties:

  • Analyzing, validating, and controlling data to ensure quality and consistency

  • Multi-system data entry (primarily Meridium and SAP)

  • Assisting the reliability engineers with general tasks.

  • New tools, processes, and systems are developed

Formal Education

  • In the past 3 years, you should have obtained a minimum of a B. Eng or BSc Eng degree.

  • Prerequisites do not include previous work experience.

Closing Date:22 May 2023

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