Y.E.S Youth Development Programme at takealot.com for Young South Africans

Y.E.S Youth Development Programme at takealot.com for Young South Africans

We are looking for a highly talented YES Learner to join our Supply Chain Team in Johannesburg DC/KZN at takealot.com.

Y.E.S Youth Development Programme at takealot.com for Young South Africans

We are a young, dynamic, hypergrowth company looking for smart, creative, hardworking, integrity-driven individuals to join us. Takealot.com offers a market-related Total Remuneration Package that gives you complete flexibility according to your needs, a great working environment and a promise that you won’t get bored if you’re ready for a challenge and want to build something amazing.

Reporting to the DC Champion

Your responsibilities will include:

  • In all relevant departments, such as Picking, Putaway, Returns, Collect, and Collects, items are received, put away, moved, picked, quality checked, and packed as per instructions on an RF device according to TAKEALOT’s exact standards.

  • Maintain a clean and tidy work area for all employees

  • Assuring that goods received are accurate in quantity, type, and quality.

  • Maintaining warehouse tools and equipment with the utmost care and caution

  • The online and manual recording systems must be updated/captured accurately

  • Working shifts in accordance with the roster

  • Check the content accuracy and box size of packed parcels.

  • Check the accuracy of the picking of content in totes.

  • Keep track of audits that fail and report them daily.

  • Make sure stock is filed fiscally and systemically by scanning or linking IBLPNs to filer.

  • Spot checks are filed

  • Dispatch vehicle loading (Checking / scanning Rolatinis and oversized non-con items onto trucks, building shipping manifests, connecting stock to drivers.

  • Assist with Hub claim investigators.


  • Matric Certificate

  • Mathematics 50% or Mathematics Literacy 60%.


  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to write good reports

  • Fast Learner

  • Communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Team player

  • Computer literate

The Environment:

  • Employees at takealot.com are dynamic, entrepreneurial, smart, customer-centric and fun. They share a common ambition to lead Africa’s e-commerce industry.

  • Our team works hard, takes ownership of solutions, works in teams, and is always open to direct feedback/new ideas.

  • Our output exceeds our ego.

  • It’s all about execution after all, not just thinking.

  • Creating is what we love to do.

takealot.com seek to Employ an Extra Ordinary Mind who:

  • Maintains respect while being forthright

  • Expert at both designing and executing

  • Analytical, capable of making decisions using data

  • Competent, self-directed, and striving to be the best (GREAT takes a lot of effort and does not only happen during business hours)

  • Offers world-class customer service and is passionate about e-commerce

  • Entrepreneurial, thrives under change and accepts it is a constant, and always seeks ways to do things faster and better

  • A business SMART person. Able to approach problems from a business perspective using both technical and product input;

  • The ability to be curious and to challenge the status quo

  • Iterates and innovates

  • Collaborative in nature

  • Assists takealot.com in developing new concepts

  • Thinks like an entrepreneur


Closing Date: Going On

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