Fundraising Assistant (Face-To-Face) Position at Unicef

Fundraising Assistant (Face-To-Face) Position at Unicef

The GS5 Fundraising Assistant (Face-to-Face) will work collaboratively with the GS-6 Fundraising Associate (Face-to-Face) and acquisition team to achieve new donors’ targets, ensuring the recruitment process is of high quality, the donors’ profiles are adequate,

Fundraising Assistant (Face-To-Face) Position at Unicef

the fundraisers handling the proposal and providing information about UNICEF’s mission correctly, and the information provided by new donors is of high quality. Under the general supervision of the GS6 Fundraising Associate (Face-to-Face), the SM will assist in the recruitment of as many individual donors as possible.

Monitoring and evaluation:

Support the following activities in coordination with the supervisor:

  • Assist the Fundraising Associate (Face-to-Face) in implementing the street calendar and private venues for the agencies.

  • Ensure that field teams receive accurate information by conducting mystery shopper studies regularly.

  • Monitoring and proposing feedback plans for the different acquisition channels to supervisors and fundraisers. Providing technical training to achieve the campaign goals, improving communication, fundraising speech and ensuring trust in UNICEF’s purpose (e.g., execute call listens, donor forms review and mystery shopping activities, providing feedback to improve the quality and performance of fundraisers and their work).

Reporting and provide insights:

Support the following activities in coordination with the supervisor:

  • Work with the Fundraising Face-to-Face team to manage Face-to-Face agencies in different cities, ensuring results, as well as adapting to program needs and objectives.

  • Make recommendations for managing fundraising teams for each campaign, including reports on fundraiser performance, supervisor productivity, and provider improvement needs.

  • Develop action plans for each fundraiser / supervisor / campaign / provider to improve performance (results and quality) and implement them to the Face-to-Face team. Improve and ensure campaign goals, fulfillment, and attrition rates by analyzing various types of information.

Motivating fundraisers / supervisors / providers:

Support the following activities in coordination with the supervisor:

  • Ensure that new teams, team leaders, and active fundraisers receive ongoing training.

  • As needed, participate in field trainings and provide feedback to fundraisers and team leaders.

  • Propose an incentive plan that motivates, inspires, and engages fundraisers, teams, and providers.

  • Ensure that all teamwork activities are developed and supported.

Training fundraisers:

Assist the supervisor in the following activities:

  • Training and induction of new fundraising members, as well as developing new fundraising teams (in-house/suppliers).


Support the following activities in coordination with the supervisor:

  • Learn about UNICEF programs, visit projects, and coordinate talks with program specialists through the PFP team and fundraisers.


Support the following activities in coordination with the supervisor:

  • Plan and implement the In-House process.

  • As needed, support the fundraising process for individual donors.


Assist the supervisor of the post with the following tasks:

  • Engage with the individual acquisition team, particularly Face-to-Face.

  • Maintain and develop a good relationship with the PFP team and the UNICEF team in general.

  • Fundraising Associate (Face-to-Face) and Fundraising Officer (Individual) teams in other countries, as well as regional and/or global office specialists.

Impact of Results:

As a result of this post, the organization will be able to:

  • Assist fundraisers with technical training to achieve each campaign’s goals by giving feedback on various acquisition channels.

  • Create presentations and reports that indicate performance, productivity, and improvement needs for management.

  • Participation in fundraiser and team meetings to motivate the teams and provide feedback.

  • Organize fundraisers according to the organizational needs of PFP.


You will be able to advocate for every child if you follow these steps:

1.  Education

A secondary education is required, preferably complemented by technical or university courses in Business Administration, Management, Economics, Social Communication, Marketing, Finance, Social Development, or related social science fields.

2. Work Experience

5 years of progressively responsible experience in direct sales, public relations, training and coaching, or marketing.

Strong fundraising expertise, preferably with direct sales strategies such as face-to-face sales, telemarketing, or corporate donor strategies, foundations, or high-profile donors.

3. Languages

It is required that you speak Spanish fluently and understand English well. 

Closing Date:19 May 2023

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