Graça Machel Trust is looking for Coaches in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya

Graça Machel Trust is looking for Coaches in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya

Call for Coaches

Graça Machel Trust is looking for Coaches in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya

Is it your passion to enable women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in order to support their families and communities?

Graça Machel Trust is looking for Coaches in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya

Women Creating Wealth Programme at the Graça Machel Trust wants you!

It will be your responsibility to make women entrepreneurs more investor-ready and facilitate access to financing. Coaches are needed in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya.


Women Creating Wealth (WCW) is a flagship accelerator within Graça Machel Trust’s Women’s Economic and Social Advancement (WESA) Programme.

The WESA strives to enhance women’s economic and social growth in Africa by building networks, advocating, and developing enterprise and leadership in sectors including finance, business, agribusiness, and media.

Women’s Corporations for Women (WCW) aims to increase capital access and lobby for a more favourable business climate for Africa’s ‘missing middle’ of women-owned small and medium businesses (WSMB).

It is our pleasure to partner with Visa Foundation to enhance business growth for 100 WSMBs in Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa.

Project objectives are to:

  1. Facilitate the access to capital for WSMBs by strengthening their investor readiness.

  2. Support the establishment of an innovative, responsive, and impact-driven Gender Lens Investment Fund (Afrishela) for African small and medium-sized businesses

  3. Increase the profile of the ‘access to capital agenda for WSMBs’ among private and public sector stakeholders and get their commitment to improving the investment climate for WSMBs.


Providing coaching and technical assistance support to a targeted number of entrepreneurs, including:

  • Providing diagnostic business assessment and helping entrepreneurs define goals action plans.

  • Reviewing and analysing business growth and determining investor readiness.

  • Assisting businesses in preparing pitch decks that appropriately communicate business attractiveness to potential investors.

  • Advising on the appropriate use of funds given the business model and growth plans.

  • Sharing knowledge on various financing options available suitable to business stage and sector

  • Make introductions to various financiers, act as a go-between in discussions, and provide feedback.

  • Determining post-financing technical assistance needs with the entrepreneurs for funder consideration.

  • Facilitating group and individual coaching and mentorship

  • Facilitating financial readiness business clinics and advisory sessions

  • Assisting entrepreneurs in strengthening governance practices in their businesses.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals eligible to provide the above services are invited to indicate their interest to the Graça Machel Trust (GMT). Individual consultants should possess the following qualifications:

  • A minimum Degree in Business Administration and Economics or equivalent professional.

  • Qualification in Business Development, Accounting, HR, Finance and Banking.

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as business development advisor, a finance/ investor specialist, investment analyst or banker with demonstrable results.

  • Strong financial and Investment skills and abilities

  • Experience with SMME development and financing management.

  • Experience with investor-readiness facilitation and market access.

  • Strong leadership skills, business development skills and ability to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to achieve goals.

  • Solid experience and passion for managing and coordinating projects.

  • Extensive experience with marketing strategies, customer service and client centricity.

  • Excellent communication, writing, interpersonal and analytical skills.

  • Coaching credentials that demonstrate sensitivity and understanding of the gender gap and women’s financial inclusion will be advantageous.

Time Commitment and Fees:

The equivalent of 1 day a month @ $300 a day for 10 months.

How to Apply

In order to apply, please provide a CV, your motivation, and evidence of your skills and experience in similar roles, including references and project descriptions.

Please submit your expressions of interest by Friday, 28 July 2023, at 16:30 SAST. The form can be filled out by clicking here.

For any queries, please email us at:

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