Job Vacancies at the Department of Agriculture - Apply Now!

Job Vacancies at the Department of Agriculture – Apply Now!

Job Vacancies at the Department of Agriculture – Apply Now!. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development is seeking dedicated individuals to fill ten exciting job vacancies.

If you’re passionate about contributing to equitable land access, rural development, sustainable agriculture, and food security, then this is your chance to make a difference.

Join us in our mission to transform land ownership patterns, promote sustainable livelihoods, and empower vulnerable groups.

Closing Date: 10 November 2023 at 16:00

About the Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development is a department of the Government of South Africa, created in June 2019 through the merger of the agriculture functions of the former Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries with the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.

Our vision is to provide equitable access to land, integrated rural development, sustainable agriculture, and food security for all.

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Our mission is to accelerate land reform, catalyze rural development, and improve agricultural production to stimulate economic development and food security. We achieve this through:

  1. Transformed land ownership patterns.
  2. Agrarian reform.
  3. Implementation of an effective land administration system.
  4. Sustainable livelihoods.
  5. Innovative sustainable agriculture.
  6. Promotion of access to opportunities for youth, women, and other vulnerable groups.
  7. Integrated rural development.

Available Job Vacancies

Applications are now open for the following positions in the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development:

  1. Groundsman (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/683)
    • Directorate: Inspection Services
  2. Administration Clerk (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/682)
    • Directorate: Land and Soil Management
  3. Senior Data Capturer (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/681)
    • Directorate: Quality Assurance and Administration
  4. State Accountant: Salaries (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/680) – (X2 Posts)
    • Directorate: Financial Accounting
  5. Human Resource Clerk (Supervisor) (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/679)
    • Directorate: Corporate Services
  6. Senior Project Officer: Pre-Settlement Management (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/678)
    • Directorate: Operational Management
  7. Control Resource Auditor (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/677)
    • Directorate: Land and Soil Management
  8. Project Coordinator: Land Development Support (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/676)
    • Directorate: District Office
  9. Professional Surveyor (Grade A – C) (Ref No: 3/2/1/2023/675)
    • Directorate: Examination Services

How to Apply

To apply for these exciting job opportunities, follow these steps:

  1. Applications can be submitted by post to addresses indicated in the full advert.
  2. Applications should be submitted on the prescribed 2021 Z83 form, which is obtainable from all Government Departments or can be downloaded from the link provided below.
  3. Applicants must utilize the most recent Z83 application for employment form. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  4. Ensure that the Z83 form is fully completed, duly signed, dated, and initialed by the applicant.

For more information and to download the advert in PDF form, as well as the new Z83 form, please visit the official website.


For inquiries, please refer to the details in the full advert.

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