Operations Manager Post (Bulk Water) at Rand Water

Operations Manager Post (Bulk Water) at Rand Water

As part of the Operations Division, Rand Water seeks a Bulk Water Distribution Operations Manager to lead and manage the Operations Team. This position is responsible for ensuring that all regions and all districts are managed effectively and cost-effectively, and that the resources within the distribution system are coordinated so that water supply disruptions are minimized.

Operations Manager Post (Bulk Water) at Rand Water

Primary Duties

  • Grade 12

  • Driver’s license

  • (NQF Level 7) Engineering Qualification

  • Working experience with water systems and pipelines of at least five to seven years

  • Obtain a Government Certificate of Competence or be eligible to do so

  • A background in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering is required.

Primary Duties

  • Drinking water standards must be met by ensuring the right quantity and quality of water is supplied.

  • In accordance with best practices in operations management, manage the operational assets.

  • Timely and within budget, manage operational requirements.

  • Manage appropriate systems for measuring operational aspects.

  • During breakdowns, shutdowns, and water shortage incidents, we work together with Metros and Municipalities

  • Maintain close contact with other managers to understand all aspects and needs of operational development, and to ensure that they are fully informed of operational objectives, operating philosophies, purpose, and accomplishments.

  • Embrace the mission, vision, strategy, and strategic objectives of the organization.

  • Embrace contractual requirements, protocols, and procedures to enhance stakeholder management

  • Evaluation of operations division strategy and performance.

  • Assure activities are in compliance with organization requirements for quality management, health and safety, and environmental policies.

  • Responsibilities for maintaining ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications.

  • The divisional risks should be aligned with the corporate strategic risks on a regular basis.

  • Staff management, mentoring, coaching, and development.

Closing Date:26 May 2023

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