x10 Cleaner Posts-Day And Night Cleaners at Rand Water

x10 Cleaner Posts-Day And Night Cleaners at Rand Water

Maintaining effective cleaning of offices, workshops, plants, toilets, paving, and surrounding areas.

x10 Cleaner Posts-Day And Night Cleaners at Rand Water

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 10 or 8
  •  ABET level 3 will be advantage.
  • 1year relevant cleaning experience.
  • Basic computer literacy.

Primary Duties

  • Cleaning all toilets and showers twice daily, ensuring there is sufficient soap, toilet paper, hand rolls, air fresheners and SHE packets.
  • Inform supervisor of any misconduct or damage to the building or furniture removal.
  • Clean and sweep the paved areas around and outside the building room, workshops, plantrooms and generator room.
  • Clean and sweep the parking area platforms and entrance to the building
  • Ensure daily cleaning of entrances and inside of conference rooms, and service of dustbins.
  • • Picking up papers and dirt on the ground and on garden
  • Use cleaning chemicals according to specified instruction.
  • Cleaning of handrails and staircase.
  • Cleaning inside windows 3m height, microwaves, and fridges.
  • Wrapping of walls.
  • Cleaning of door handles apply with brass.
  • Vacuum of offices and open plan.
  • Assist with moving of furniture when requested.
  • Prepare refuse bag to be collected by service provider.
  • Dusting of desk, cupboard, chairs, furniture both offices and open plan.
  • Cleaning of roof, solar panel, and management parking weekly

Closing Date:22 May 2023

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