X21 Various Vacancies at the University of the Free State

X21 Various Vacancies at the University of the Free State

It was founded in 1904 as a public university in Bloemfontein.

It was founded as English-only and began offering its first classes in Afrikaans in 1911. The school was Afrikaans-only from 1948 until 1993 when it adopted a Parallel Language policy.

X21 Various Vacancies at the University of the Free State

In 2016, English was declared its official language, and in 2021 a multilingual academy was formed, promoting in particular Sesotho, Afrikaans, and isiZulu.

There are faculties of health science, law, education, theology and religion, humanities, economics, and management science available to students.

It is the only robotic telescope of its type in Africa, as well as the largest undergraduate microscope lab in Africa.

967 Lecturer in Linguistics (Job ID: 5253) Department Linguistics and Language Practice 4/6/2023
968 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer: Mathematics or Applied Mathematics (Job ID: 5249) Department Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 4/6/2023
964 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer /Associate Professor in Business Management (with specialisation in Strategic Management and Project Management) (Job ID: 5247) Department Business Management 2/6/2023
966 Intern: Off-Campus Accommodation Administrator (Job ID: 5257) Housing and Residence Affairs 25/5/2023
965 Senior Officer/Professional Nurse (post level 9) (Job ID: 5255) Health Centre 26/5/2023
943 Teaching and Learning Coordinator: MBChB (Job ID: 5226) Department Obstetrics and Gynaecology 21/5/2023
963 Academic Facilitator (25 Hours per week, Academic Year) (Job ID: 5194) Academic Language and Literacy Development 26/5/2023
949 Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer: Human Physiology (Job ID: 5232) School of Biomedical Sciences 26/5/2023
962 Vice-Dean: Teaching and Learning (Health Sciences) (post level 5) (Job ID: 5240) Office of the Dean: Faculty of Health Sciences 18/6/2023
961 Assistant Officer (Post Level 13) (Contract appointment: 2 years) (Job ID: 5246) Centre for Mineral Biogeochemistry 21/5/2023
960 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer: Psychology (Job ID: 5245) Department Psychology 28/5/2023
956 Academic Head of Department (contract appointment: five years, with the possibility of serving a second term) (Job ID: 5238) Department of Curriculum Studies and Higher Education 26/5/2023
958 Academic Head of Department (5 years contract with a possibility of reappointment for a further term based on performance) (Job ID: 5239) Faculty of Education 26/5/2023
959 Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer and Co-Chair to the NRF Chair in City Region Economies (Contract appointment: 3 years) (Job ID: 5244) Centre for Development Support 28/5/2023
955 Chief Officer: Counselling/Clinical Psychologist-South Campus (Post level 8) (Job ID: 5241) Student Counselling and Development 28/5/2023
898 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 2023: Ethnopharmacology, Molecular Pharmacology and Biochemistry (Job ID: 5192) Department Pharmacology 30/5/2023
953 Customer Care Specialist (post level 13) (Contract appointment: 2 years)(2 positions) (Job ID: 5234) Student Recruitment Services 26/5/2023
950 Lecturer/Researcher: Academic Literacy Coordinator: Academic Language and Literacy Development (Job ID 5235) Centre for Teaching and Learning 21/5/2023
948 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (1-year Contract): Department of Soil Crop and Climate Sciences (Job ID 5233) Department Soil, Crop and Climate Sciences 31/5/2023
947 Senior SQL and .Net Core Developer (post level 9) Job ID: 5169 Information and Communications Technology Services 21/5/2023
897 Lecturer: Foundation Phase and/or Early Childhood Development (Job ID: 5190) Faculty of Education 24/5/2023
859 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship : Department of Chemistry (Job ID: 5150) Department Chemistry 31/5/2023


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