X31 New Vacancies at the Department of Home Affairs

An up-to-date CV with the start and end dates (dd/mm/yr) of each employment period to be considered, as well as at least two recent job references;

X31 New Vacancies at the Department of Home Affairs



  • To be sent by the closing date to the correct address listed at the bottom of the Circular;

  • Form Z.83, available at www.gov.za, must be completed;

  • In addition to their ID documents, shortlisted candidates will be required to provide a copy of their driver’s license (if this is a requirement for the job), as well as their highest educational qualifications, by the interview date. Applicants who possess (a) foreign qualification(s), must submit the evaluated results of such qualifications, as received from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA);


  • When filling entry-level positions, preference may be given to unemployed youth / graduates who have successfully completed their respective skills development programmes, are within close proximity to the office where the post is located, and satisfy the inherent requirements of the post.

  • An interview will be conducted with the shortlisted candidates;

  • Following an interview, potential candidates will undergo employment suitability checks (credit, criminal, citizenship, employment reference, and qualification verification).

Closing Date:26 May 2023

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